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Map Pack Google SEO

How To Rank On Google’s Map Pack in 2019

You have probably been wondering around on how to make your website the highest ranked on Google Search and Google Maps.  Most likely there are many “recipes” offering you help regarding this matter, but why not read one more?  Who says there is only one way to the top? 😉

Tha famous Google 3-pack: link, map, and rating are displayed as a first thing before the local search results and that’s exactly where you want to be.

First things first: you would need to Optimize the Google My Business Listing.  And how would you do that?

Being as easy as 1-2-3, you have not been aware it would be that easy by now.

  • Of course, you should claim your listing(s).  Click on:
  • You wouldn’t need any duplicates, so take care of them (and clean them, if any): There can be only one.”
  • Gotta keep what’s yours: actual business name.  And no, that’s not a city name or any keyword (unless you always use it in your business name).  Have that in mind.
  • Be sure that the business name and address you provide for the listing matches your website.
  • Do you have a local number?  If not, get one: you should have one.
  • Choose the right primary category and always use the same one.
  • Profile and cover photos should be accurately representing your business.  Of course, you’d need other photos, too, but choose such which get people’s attention and try to represent yourself in a unique way.  Will you forget to Geotag them?  Please, don’t.
  • Also, don’t forget to mention your working hours: you don’t want any of your clients to perform a 滴oudini・.
  • Make sure that links on your website that you provide are working and linking back to your home page or sections related to what they need.
  • Include keywords as smart as possible.  It always makes a difference in finding you and in ranking you: show them you exist and you are top listed.
  • Never use your personal e-mail for work.  Having a website for what you do for a living means that you also need to have a business e-mail.  Be a pro.

Acquiring Reviews

If research shows that people believe Local Search Surveys, then we have to trust them and do as people like.  And the fact is that 92% of consumers read online reviews of which 68% trust a company more because of the positive reviews.  But hey, Google also loves reviews!

Now we’re talking: reviews matter.  Conclusion?  Think of a strategy to help you get to the top.  It would probably be very good tactics to:

  • Ask customers via e-mail for a review on Google for your business, service or product.
  • Perhaps even call them and ask for permission to transcribe as a review, so everyone could read it.
  • Waiting for a review shouldn’t take forever: give it, for example, five days limit.
  • Most of the people like sincerity, so don’t be afraid to tell them that your SEO expert has guided you and told you reviews can make wonders for your rankings.  And you’re gonna tell them they could learn from others, too.

Mobile Friendliness

Another tip you should pay attention to: Mobile Friendly Website.  Since we’re almost lost without our cells, it’s natural to all of us to first use our mobile devices just like it is natural to first wash our teeth in the morning.  Statistics show that 88% of people use their smartphones to get information for local content.  Ain’t that a surprise!  And be sure you have SSL Certificate installed: it speeds up loading which for sure will have a direct benefit for your website’s ranking.


Backlinks shouldn’t be forgotten.  Use them.  Even a lot of them wouldn’t hurt anyone, on the contrary.  However, pay attention to Quality Over Quantity ・ magic works, but it has a recipe・ which sometimes should be carefully followed 😉 .  Free tips on this:

  • List your website in minimum 30 local directories, but Quality Over Quantity ranked, not just any out there.
  • The content you will create should be a knock-out, so then and then only it will be shared and cited.
  • Create a local resource list e.g. best places to get XYZ in your area.
  • You could support your backlinks by using some digital tools.  There are quite a few there and yes, Ask Google・ about them: you will choose the one that has to guess what?  Best ranking and best reviews!  Isn’t that what we’re talking about your own website? 😉
  • Very useful: guest posting.  Quality websites that you link back to a useful page on your website being a resource page.

Utilizing Press Releases

Getting a Press Release provides top quality backlinks for your business.  This is can be of particular use for new websites with small backlink profiles. It can definitely help

Content: the more unique and more interesting the better the results in Google My Business Listing.  It will get you to the top.  And you want to be remembered, not just mixed with some other website and business out there.  Tell a story with history, put some images that show aspects not seen for your business, bring the ides not visible・ close to the customers ・ approach them in a way they understand and be sure the feedback will be great.

Citations should always match your website and your Google My Business listings.  They are, in fact, credible backlinks and believed it or not, they can take you to high-authority directories relevant to start building.

Linking to the previously mentioned, Social Media Sharing can make miracles for your website and business.  Sharing, Liking, Appearing, even running a Social Media promotion will get you more exposure and traffic in your local area that ・ have no doubt ・ is a ranking factor which deserves serious attention because it has the potential to bring you more customers.

Local Number is a must: local searches are linked to local ・ everything.  If you run into a directory which doesn’t allow adding a Toll-Free number, but instead you can add only one number, worry not and use just the local number.  People searching from the other side of the country won’t get as a result of the local search anyway, so the Google 3-pack would be irrelevant in that case.  However, local searches will hunt you down・ and 菟ut you on top・.

One thing you should have in mind: be patient when working on ranking higher on Google Maps and Organic Search, especially if ranking concerns a competitive keyword.  Some things need a thorough approach if you want to reach the top.  There are plenty of things you can do about it and if you feel it would be all too much for you, perhaps utilizing the following could help:

All the above mentioned are not the only tools to help you, but it’s one hell of a kick-start that can lead you to the top.  And then, in some time, you can just turn on We Will Rock You・ or We Are the Champions・ while sitting laid back and enjoying the result of your persistence and patience for taking #1 place in SEO.

Is that a smile on your face?  Good!  Get your behinds moving now!